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May 2014 Newsletter

Plant of the Month
The Betty Boop Rose

May Plant of the Month

Betty Boop Rose

This is a great florabunda rose. It performs very well in our climate with lots of flowers. They start out red and yellow but the yellow fades to white. The flowers open fully as they age and look like you could knock them off but they keep holding on. The shrub gets about 3 ft tall and wide and is very disease resistant. This is fun rose and makes a great landscape shrub. Roses perfer 5-6 hours of sun but I believe Betty would perform with even less. Regular water and fertilizer should be used for best results.

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May 2014 Newsletter

This weekend is the grand opening of the Gibson Museum and Middletown’s 30’s Revisted Weekend. In keeping with the theme we have stocked up on the Betty Boop Rose and roses are our Plant of the Month. We will be sporting our Boop T-shirts (under our aprons). We will also have other ‘old fashioned’ flowers for 20% off for the weekend. These include asparagus fern, hollyhocks, zonal geraniums, daylilies, foxglove and hostas.

Petunia Madness

Petunia Madness

Our traditionally busiest month is upon us. The nursery has plenty to offer with racks of annuals, 4 inch perennials, tables full of vegetable starts, along with roses, trees and shrubs. We just received more lavenders of various kinds and sizes, along with Russian Sage. We were shorted on our Hot Lips Sage. Believe it or not Lake County is hard to get deliveries to. There are only a few companies that come on a weekly basis and when we don’t get the things we were expecting it can be quite frustrating. In spite of saying we were not going to stock the nursery as full this year with the drought and all, it appears we did not follow our own advice!!!

Tables full of vegies

Tables full of vegies

Lantanas should be available soon along with the other great deer and heat resistant annual vinca but we have not seen any yet. Some of the recent arrivals are annual morning glory plants, sunflowers, agastache, new intros of echinacea, awesome new begonias, Kent Beauty oregano, Salvia Back and Blue, hollyhocks and annual black eyed susan vine.

I noticed my neighbors pear tree has a bad case of fire blight. Be on the lookout for this. Copper spray can help but all the infected growth needs to be disposed of. Cut into healthy wood and it is recommended to sterilize your pruners with each cut. I have seen a little peach leaf curl on our peaches but nothing serious. It seems as though some things were early this year but some things seem late. My apple trees are just leafing out along with my cherry tree.

What about those poppies!!! Might be the best year ever for our state flower. That must be why we are completely sold out of poppy seeds at this time although we do have a few 6 packs. Hollyhocks do well in our county and can self seed themselves too. No centranthus at this time but that is another great self seeding perennial and we hope to have more soon.

Pink Dogwood

Pink Dogwood

We basically sold out of apples again this year but have plenty of apricots, plums, peaches and nectarines to choose from. We are almost out of figs and blueberries. The red raspberry was very polar also but we do have plenty of other berries and grapes.

The smoke trees look really good right now and our Rose of Sharon supply is plentiful. Check out the new hydrangeas including the tree form of Hydrangea paniculata.

Remember to mulch heavy to conserve water, practice good irrigation techniques and use Soil Moist in all your pots and hanging baskets.

Happy Gardening,