Plant of the Month
Berberis thunbergii
Japanese Barberry



These deciduous, deer resistant shrubs come in a variety of leaf color and size. They are very tolerant of soil and climate types. They do have one drawback-tiny thorns. Most people prefer to plant the gold or red leafed varieties so the plain green is not so common. They have a tiny yellow flower in spring which can be followed by a tiny red berry in winter when the branches are leafless. The small sized foliage turns nice autumn color before it falls off. They size ranges from 3 ft up to 6 depending on the variety you get. They will take clipping for a formal look but are better suited to a more informal hedge or accent plant/foliage color contrast.

New Hours

We go to winter hours on November 1st.  Open 10 to 4  six days a week. Closed Wednesday.
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Thanksgiving closed Wed, Thursday and Fri. Open for the week end.

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November 2015 Newsletter




I do not even know where to begin. Most of us who still have homes have been able to return and I hope all who do not have found a comfortable place to be. The fire was indiscriminate- burning houses and leaving the yard or visa-verse unless it took everything while leaving the house next door untouched. We have had more business than I expected since the fire and that is a good thing. Many have been waiting for fall to plant and others are replacing damaged plants.

I went to the re-forestation talk on Cobb and several people held up their hands to say they were not planning on re-building. Their neighborhood is treeless and neighbor less. Erosion control was on many people’s minds and I have a few tips. First of all leave debris like large branches or fallen trees where they lie as this will slow the run off. Leave leaves and needles down also. It was said that if people raid the piles of chips on the side of the road no one will be questioned. You can use that for the winter or another good alternative is straw. I think the vet sells it and I know that CJS Ranch Supply does. Ag Unlimited outside of Lakeport sells a Barley Mix Erosion Control. I believe it is 48 cents a pound and comes in 50 lb bags. That is enough to do half an acre. They recommend covering with straw. We have poppies and other wild flowers along with clover and mustard in smaller quantities.


Deodar Cedar and Thuja Green Giant

I have looked for pines and oaks from my usual sources and have not had much luck. I do have the native Calocedrus decurrens (Incense Cedar), Sequoia giganteum (Giant Sequoia) and a Western Red Cedar hybrid called Thuja Green Giant that is very fast growing. The non-native and fast growing Cedrus deodora (Deodar Cedar) is another good choice for our area. Other large growing natives in stock include Valley Oak, Western Redbud, Vine Maple, Toyon, Ceanothus Ray Hartman, Buckeye and Coast Live Oak. The potted conifer order from Oregon will be here in a few weeks and I will have a few Doug Firs, some non native pines and lots of Spruce, both Norway and Colorado.

We will have cut holiday trees again this year. I am not sure that we will have them in by Thanksgiving week-end as the plan right now is to get them mid week for the first week end in December. I had planned to travel for that holiday but I think we have decided to stay home so I might have them sooner than I thought. Now is the time to start paperwhites and other bulbs for forcing indoors. We are getting in cyclamen which is another flowering plant for indoor décor. We have Christmas Cactus in stock now.

There is still time to plant bulbs for spring bloom and starts for a winter vegetable garden. I am expecting potatoes this week and we already have onions and garlic. Cool season annuals like ornamental cabbage, pansies and primrose are in stock now. This is the best time to plant trees and shrubs. We are continuing our 25% off year end/fire sale thru November and December.

The first frost is coming so do not get caught unaware. It is time to bring houseplants and other frost sensitive plants indoors or under cover. Protest citrus trees and tropicals that will be left out with N- sulate Frost Cloth. Bring in your battery timers before the first hard freeze. Cut back on your irrigation times if you have not already. Plants will still need water in winter if we do not get rain. Do not forget to water your plants outside on a porch or where the rain does not reach.


Maple in fall

I need your special fruit tree orders in by the 7th if you have something special in mind. If you plan on doing three runs of dormant spray the first one is to be done at Thanksgiving. Apply 0-10-10 Ultra Bloom to fruit trees and spring blooming shrubs, Keep a watch for aphids and cabbage worms on your winter vegies. Plant cold hardy trees and shrubs now. Cut back perennials and divide if necessary. If we do have a wet winter the more you do while the weather is good will be appreciated.

Happy Planting,