News for 2016

Most of the bare root fruit trees are here with more coming next week (like shade trees, mulberries, grapes and berries). Roses are due to ship the first week of February and we have 6 different 2016 introductions coming. The lists are up on the website, 2016 Roses and 2016 Trees.  If you think you want roses and want them bare root then please call and reserve as we have to start potting them up almost right away. We have a good selection left from last year also. I have ordered some small conifer starts. We will get these potted right away as it looks like they came bare root. We will pot up into small pots. We pot the other trees up in spring so even if you miss out on bare root we usually have plenty of fruit and shade trees through late spring into fall. We will also have little pacific dogwoods. I believe trees will be in demand for a few years as people re-build and re-plant after our devastating fire.

I have yet to order plugs for Supertunias and Calibrochoas but I expect to see a few new introductions this year. I will not be ordering as many Supertunias as they did not sell as well last year. We will just fill in with our other suppliers. I am sure there will be ‘new to us’ or ‘new this year’ varieties of perennials and annuals to see how we like them. I wonder what the latest Echinacea will be. Or maybe a new zinnia? Definitely some new calibrochoas and petunias.  Check the newsletters for monthly updates.

As usual Deb and I had fun at the October show and found a few new things. Look for new and returning statuary, a different style of Pacific Home and Garden pottery, rain chains and metal birdbaths from Ancient Grafitti, Barebones garden hand tools and watering cans, Garden Girl gloves, seed wallets and aprons, metal art, glass birdbaths, gazing balls and the usual garden accessories for added character for your yard.

We are continuing to carry Renee’s and Cornucopia flower and vegetable seeds and the 2016 seeds are in stock now. We are still committed to to our organic line of soils and fertilizers from E.B. Stone. We like to buy most of our plants from wholesale nurseries in Lake, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties along with a few from the Central Valley and Foothills as these are better suited to our climate than anything grown in Southern CA. or farther north.

I spent a little time coming up with a monthly check list for you. It is posted on the website.

  • Prune fruit trees and roses (if you have not already), shape young shade trees
  • Apply dormant sprays,
  • Cut back and/or divide perennials, cut back summer blooming shrubs, if needed
  • Get those spring blooming bulbs planted before it is too late.
  • Top dress trees with manure this month or next.
  • Plant bare root trees, grapes, berries etc.
  • Continue with True Blue on Hydrangeas.
  • Plant wildflowers.
  • For information on pruning trees go to or
  • Plant bare root roses, trees, asparagus, onions, beets, carrots, kale, chard, broccoli, peas, spinach and other cool season veggies.
  • Plant hardy perennials and flowers like pansies and violas.
  • Feed asparagus, artichokes and strawberries.
  • Plant sweet peas.
  • Get young weeds now while easier to kill.
  • Apply dormant sprays before buds swell.
  • Start getting your beds ready for planting.


Thank the Gods for our rain as long as the water does not end up devastating us as much as the fire.

To a New Year,
Tanya and Star Gardens Staff