Rose List 2020

Here is a list of the roses we are supposed to get in a couple of weeks.

Bare root roses are coming on the first of February. Here is what we have ordered. If you want bare-root place your order now or ask that we call you when they arrive. We start potting them up fairly quickly. We also have some varieties from 2019 still. We were shorted on Sterling Silver and are sold out already. You might want to try Stainless Steel as a sub.

New and new to us this year from Weeks Roses:

Love at First Sight State of Grace Pope John Paul II Ink Spots
Burst of Joy Lasting Love

From Star Roses:

Climbing Arborose Quicksilver Sunbelt Crazy Love Stiletto Double Pink Knockout
Double Red Knockout

Old Favorites:
Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras

Apricot Candy Betty White Centennial Spirit Ch-Ching
Double Delight Fragrant Cloud Fragrant Plum Henry Fonda
John F. Kennedy Just Joey Mister Lincoln Oklahoma
Perfume Delight Radiant Perfume Rio Samba Rock & Roll
Secret’s Out Stainless Steel Sunbelt Savannah Twilight Zone


Burgundy Iceberg Doris Day Easy Does It Ebb Tide
George Burns Iceberg Intrigue Julia Child
Ketchup & Mustard Neptune Oranges and Lemons Scentimental
Sunbelt Plum Perfect Sunbelt South Africa Take It Easy


Altissimo America Cecile Brunner Iceberg
Don Juan Fourth of July Joseph’s Coat Raspberry Cream Twirl
Sally Holmes Sky’s The Limit

24” Patio Trees

Sunblaze Autumn Sunblaze Rainbow Sunblaze Yellow Burgandy Iceberg
Ebb Tide Iceberg Julia Child Ketchup& Mustard
Scentimental Sexy Rexy

36” Tree Roses

Doris Day Double Delight Iceberg Memorial Day
Mister Lincoln Pope John Paul II Twilight Zone


Apricot Peach Red White

Sunblaze Miniatures

Amber Candy Mandarin Yellow