Here at Star Gardens we order a lot of barefoot stock for sale at barefoot time with the plan on having plenty left after winter to sell as containerized material throughout the year. Most of our fruit trees come from Dave Wilson. Please see our list available through a link to their website. We order a lot of our ornamental trees, grapes and berries through L.E. Cooke. Below is a list of what is on order from them. Since we are closed through mid Jan we ask for a third week in Jan ship date. Sometimes it is not here till the end of the month but because we get hard freezes here I feel it is better to get them in a little late. Same goes for the roses.

Dave Wilson Nursery

L.E. Cooke

  • Fruit and Nut Trees – Anders Apple, Peachy Keen Peach, Surecrop Pear, Burgundy Plum, EZ Pick Fuji Apple, Western Schley Pecan, Robert Livermore Walnut, CA Black Walnut, Asst. Mulberries
  • Grapes – Black Monukka, CA. Concord, Flame, Muscat, Ladyfinger, Thompson Seedless
  • Berries – Thornless Boysenberry, Heritage Red Raspberry, Cumberland Black Rasp, Albion, Camarosa, Chandler, Quinault, Seascape and Sequoia Strawberries
  • Shade Trees and Ornamentals – Rose of Sharon-asst., Lilacs, Quince, Wisteria, Albizia/Silk,  Japanese Maple, Silver Maple,  Trident Maple, Arizona Ash, Raywood Ash, Dura-Heat Birch Clumps, Honeylocust, Black Locust, Fruitless Mulberry, Thieves Poplar, Western Redbud, Purple Smoke, Vitex, Zelkova
  • Misc. – Artichoke, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Onions