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Star Gardens Nursery

Specializing in a wide variety of interesting plants suited for Lake County.
Star Gardens has a very knowledgeable staff and can help solve your
landscaping needs.

October Specials

30% Off
Roses, Deciduous Fruit trees, Berries, and Grapes,
Daylilies, Hostas, all types Hibiscus, Peonies, and Rhodies

50% Off
Lamium in 4” pots

$1.00 Off Ajuga-Plant of the Month

2017 Trees & Berries

2017 Bare Root trees, grapes, berries and more

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2017 Overview

We are expecting all our staff to be returning and looking forward to serving you in the coming year.
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2017 Roses

Rose's at Star Gardens

Browse the 2017 selection of Rose's at Star Gardens.

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