Natural pest control items carried at Star Gardens
Horticultural Oil
Year round control of scale, mites, whitefly, mealybug, leafhoppers, coddling moth. Use as a dormant spray, too. Smother insects and their eggs.

E. B. Stone Insect Soap RTU and Concentrate
Insecticidal soap . All purpose contact spray for aphids, mites, scale, whitefly, mealybug,earwigs and more.

E. B. Stone Rose and Flower RTU
Pyrethrins and canola oil-for control of all insect stages

Monterey Take Down Concentrate
same as above in concentrate form

Monterey Garden Insect Spray with Spinosad
Works on thrips, caterpillars, worms, borers, leaf miners and ants

Safer’s Caterpillar Killer with BT
Safe for food products and ornamentals. Use for caterpillars, including cabbage worms and tomato hornworm

Monterey Phyta-Guard E-C
Contains rosemary and clove oil. Repels aphids, scale, mealybug, thrips and ants. Also suppresses fungi like milder and black spot

Safers Bio Neem
Contains neem, a natural life cycle interupter. Use for control of aphids, mites, whitefly, mealybug and caterpillars. Suppresses fungi like anthracnose, mildew and rust.

Use for disease on ornamentals and edibles. Controls powdery mildew, rust, black spot, downy mildew, leaf and fruit spot and more.

Polysul Lime/sulfur
Summer and dormant spray for rust, powdery mildew, peach leaf curl, brown rot and more.

Tanglefoot Pest Barrier
Use on trees and shrubs to prevent crawling insects, including those aphid and scale promoting ants, from getting into your ornamentals and fruit trees.

Sticky traps
Monitor and control for whitefly, thrips and leafminers

Snail and slug control that’s all natural. Safe for use around pets and wildlife

Sluggo Plus
Effective against earwigs, sow bugs, pillbugs,besides snails and slugs. This does work. We used it here.


We carry a few non-organic pest control items.

One is Remuda herbicide. This is identical to Round-Up at half the price!

Another is Agri-Fos systemic fungicide. This is effective on Downy Mildew and Sudden Oak Death. I have had to use it to save my roses from Downy Mildew in the past.