Acacia stenophylla- Shoestring Acacia
Hardy to 15. Grows to 30 ft by 20 ft. Fast growing open weeping habit, with cream flowers in early spring.

Agave murpheyi ‘Rodney’- Variegated Murphy Agave
Hardy to 10. Grows 2-3 ft tall. Leaves are variegated. Slow growing. Very heat tolerant. Also known as Hohokam Agave. Plant in full to part sun.

Agave parryi truncata- Artichoke Agave
Hardy to 10. Grows to 18 in. to 2 ft. Classic artichoke shape. Plant in full to part sun.

Artemesia tridentata- Big Sagebrush
Hardy to -20. Large growing sagebrush of the Southwest. Looks better if older stems are pruned out. Natives used it for a tea to treat colds, headaches and fever. Plant in full sun.

Chilopsis linearis ‘Bubba’- Burgundy Desert Willow
Hardy to 10. Grows from 15- 30 ft. tall. Dark pink orchid-like flowers in summer. Hummingbird attracting. Shrubby habit. Native to CA and the southwest.

Dasylirion quadrangulatum- Toothless Desert Spoon
Hardy to 15. This forms a trunk up to from 6-9 ft tall with 4 ft long narrow spineless leaves. Can produce several flower stalks per year. Plant in sun to light shade. Good container plant. Also called Mexican Grass Tree.

Dasylirion texanum- Green Desert Spoon
Hardy to -20 once established. Can grow to 6 ft but usually shorter. Plant in full sun. blooms in summer. Good barrier or accent plant due to its curved teeth.

Eremophila maculata ‘Valentine’-Emu Bush
Hardy to 15. Australian evergreen shrub to 4×4. Blooms in winter with hot pink fuchsia-like flowers. Fairly fast growing and very heat tolerant. Good for a wall that gets reflected light. Shear after bloom.

Gazania rigens ‘Sun Gold’
Hardy to 15. Ground cover for full sun to light shade. Water in the mornings. Gray, fuzzy foliage needs to be dry by dusk. Fast grower with yellow flowers in spring into summer.

Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Perpa’- Brakelights Crimson Yucca
Hardy to -20. Good in containers and reflected light. Plant in sun, attracts hummers with vivid red flower stalks on a 2x2ft growing plant.

Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Desert Flamenco’
Hardy to -20. Long bloom time on this nearly seedless selection of red yucca. Grows to 30 in tall with flower stalks to 4 ft or so. Plant in full sun. Another heat tolerant plant that is good in containers.

Hesperaloe parviflora ‘Yellow’- Yellow Hesperaloe
Hardy to -20. Grows to 3 ft tall with yellow flower spikes from May to Sept. Plant in full sun, but as with other hesperaloes will tolerate some shade in the drainage is good.

Hesperaloe x ‘Perfu’- Pink Parade Hesperaloe
Hardy to -10. Large growing up to 4 ft with flowers up to 8 ft tall. Bloom time is spring-fall. As with all hesperaloes, remove spent blooms for flowers to continue.

Leucophyllum langmaniae ‘Lynn’s Legacy’- Texas Sage
Hardy to 10. Shrubby to 5ft by 5ft with profuse lavender flowers on display over a long period. Plant in sun, moderate growth rate.

Melampodium leaucanthum- Blackfoot Daisy
Hardy to -20. Growing up to a foot tall by 18 in wide this tough long blooming daisy thrives with little water once established.

Muhlenbergia emersleyi ‘El Toro’- Bull Grass
Hardy to 0. Tolerates reflected heat and is very drought tolerant once established. Plant in sun to light shade and almost any soil. Dense grower to 2×2 ft with light purple flowers in fall.

Muhlenbergia lindheimeri ‘Autumn Glow’
Hardy to -10. Tall, fast grower to 5 ft and looks very much like our own Deer Grass. Tolerates most soils and sun to light shade. Flowers are tan in late fall.

Nolina microcarpa- Bear Grass
Hardy to -10. Grows to 3 x 4 ft in well-drained soil. This native of the Southwest is a good choice around pools. Tips fray forming curlicues on this grasslike perennial.

Oenothera caespitosa- White Evening Primrose
Hardy to -20. Western native to higher elevations. Fast grower blooms in the evening and is a good choice for the moon garden. Grows to 1ft x 3ft. Flowers are large and fragrant and come from spring through summer.

Opuntia santa-rita Tubac- Purple Prickly Pear
Hardy to 15. Grows 4 ft tall by 6 ft wide. Blooms in spring. The winter cold brings out the purple color in the pads that fade to a blue gray color in summer.

Opuntia turpinii- Pine Cone Prickly Pear
Hardy to 15. Plant this spineless prickly pear in part shade. Flowers are pink in summer. Really unique looking.

Penstemon superbus- Coral Penstemon
Hardy to -20. This re-seeding variety needs well-drained soil in a sunny spot. The coral red flowers can reach up to 6ft and are a hummer magnet in spring.

Poliomintha maderensis ‘Lavender Spice’- Mexican Oregano
Hardy to 0. Showy clusters of lavender flowers on this small, woody but brittle shrub all summer. Plant in sun or light shade. Drought tolerant once established but blooms better with some water.

Russelia x St Elmo’s Fire- Red Fire Cracker Plant
Hardy to 15. Hybrid with showy flowers and small leaves, growing to 4 x 6 ft. Blooms spring-fall and does best in sun with some water for better bloom.

Scutellaria suffrutescens- Pink Skullcap
Hardy to 0. Low growing, fast growing ground covering perennial for sun to part shade. Snapdragon-like flowers over a long period. Fairly drought resistant once established.

Sphaeralcea ambigua ‘Louis Hamilton’- Globe Mallow
Hardy to -10. Fast grower to 2 ft by 3 ft with red flowers spring to fall. Plant in sun with low water once established. It is recommended to wear gloves and long sleeves when pruning this plant.

Tetraneuris acaulis- Angelita Daisy. AKA Hymenoxys
Hardy to -20. This little gem takes full sun, reflected heat, moderate water and just keeps blooming. Shear to remove old seed heads to keep looking fresh after the yellow daisies have done their job.

Yucca baccata- Banana Yucca
Hardy to -20. This Yucca grows 4ft x 6 ft, clump-forming, whose 3 ft white flowers produce an edible fruit. Slow growing and very drought tolerant.

Yucca palida- Pale Leaf Yucca
Hardy to -10. Low, slow grower with blue-green leaves and yellowish margins. Does not form a trunk.

Yucca schottii- Mountain Yucca
Hardy to -20. Can grow up to 12 ft tall. This yucca actually prefers a little shade and no reflected heat.