Plant of the Month


Zygos are native to Brazil and grow on trees like orchids in their native habitat. Plant them in a mix of peat moss and sand. They actually like regular water but let dry out between waterings. Fertilize every week to ten days during the bloom and growth stage. Start reducing water in August and give 12-14 hours of darkness and temps in the 50’s to low 60’s from Sept-Nov to promote bud set for the holidays. They can be outdoors here in a protected spot that does not go below freezing in part shade or bright light. Happy Zygos can grow to 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. They bear numerous flowers in a variety of colors from white to pinks to oranges and reds. Christmas cactus make great gifts and can be blooming by Thanksgiving through the holiday season.


Star Gardens will be closed from Wed Dec 23rd thru Jan. 15th

December Specials

  • All bulbs – 50% off
  • Celebration Sale – 25% off All Inventory except cut and live Christmas trees
  • Gift Certicates – 25% off

Newsletter December 2015

Star Gardens

First of all I want to wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday as much as possible under the circumstances. We do have a lot to be grateful for even though some days that is hard to remember. 2015 will go down in the history books for Lake County and here is to wishing for a 2016 full of regrowth and possibilities.

Our full order of cut Christmas Trees is due to arrive this week for us to pick up so we should have wreaths, garland, noble and doug firs by the week end of the 5th. We were able to get some nobles in early and they are at the nursery now. We have lots of colorful indoor plants also-zygos, poinsettias, cyclamen, orchids and calandiva. These, along with our house plants, make nice hostess and Christmas gifts.

We have had a huge run on our living holiday trees. I had to scramble and do a second order from another supplier. Unfortunately these Colorado Spruces will be pricier than my usual supplier. I was anticipating a greater demand next year after people had rebuilt but many want to plant trees before then. There are also a few people who have encouraged people to buy a live tree for Christmas and then donate it to a burned out family. It does not have to be a conifer. Any tree would work if we run out or you can get at another nursery. Call the nursery for details.

The nursery has already experienced a 20 degree morning. Hopefully we won’t get any colder than that. The citrus under the N-Sulate frost cloth still looks good although our cyclamen outdoors took a big hit. Don’t forget the advantage of spraying your Christmas trees and wreaths (cut or live) with the Cloud Cover Anti-transpirant. It not only prolongs the life of your cut tree it will protect your live tree from drying out in the house. Although you read that a live tree should be in the house only one week I believe in our milder (than Wisconsin) climate you can stretch to two weeks along as you keep it away from a heat source and you house is set to an energy saving temp. Transition it out to a protected place for a few weeks before planting. These live trees from Oregon do better if not but into full summer sun and if that is unavoidable you should consider a little shade cloth on it in its first summer here.


Things to do now in the garden include pruning roses and fruit trees and dormant spraying of fruit trees and anything that had a bad infestation this year. For insects use horticultural oil and for fungus and bacterias use copper or sulfur. These need to be on the tress for at least 24 hours before a rain. Do not spray de-hydrated plants and trees either.

We have received the 2016 order of liner pot fruit and these are included in the 25% off sale. These include blueberries, pomegranates, figs, goji, gooseberries, hardy kiwi and some olives. Bare root fruit and shade trees along with berries and grapes will not be here until the end of January. We still have plenty of some cane berries and some grapes from 2015 for 255 off including some fruit trees.


The nursery has plenty of things to give as gifts. Besides trees and plants like citrus, camellias and houseplants, we have tools, gloves, garden art, pottery, wind chimes, and gift certificates. All at 25% off for December’s Celebration Sale. Bulbs are half off and make great gifts potted up in a nice container. We can custom make a container for you also.


Then plan is to be closed from December 23rd through Jan 15th this year. Back open for MLK weekend. Thanks to all of you for your continued patronage from all of us at Star Gardens.