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2018 Bareroot Order

Some of you can recall from one of my newsletters that this is L. E. Cooke’s last season. They are closing after this year. We have been getting our grapes, cane berries, some fruit trees and numerous shade trees from them. Hopefully, Dave Wilson will be picking up some of the slack but it will be impossible for them to do it all. If you are planning on needing trees in the foreseeable future you might want to think ahead and buy this year.

We sell bare root through February (into March/April for late-emerging varieties) and pot up the remaining for sale through the year. We do the same with the Dave Wilson order.

Here is our 2019 order from Dave Wilson Nursery


List of what is ordered in 2018 from L. E. Cooke

Fruit and Nut Trees:

Anders Apple Peachcots
GA-88 Jujube Peachy Keen Peach
Monterrey Pear Chocolate Persimmon
Nishimura Wase (aka Coffeecake) Persimmon Tamopan Persimmon
Burgundy Plum Cooke’s Jumbo Quince
E Z Pick Fuji Apple Western Schley Pecan
Chandler Walnut Robert Livermore Walnut
Pakistan Fruiting Mulberry Black Beauty Mulberry
Teas Weeping Mulberry

Berries and Vegies:

Thornless Boysenberry Consort Black Currant
Red Lake Currant Autumn Bliss Raspberry
Heritage Red Raspberry Munger Black Cap Rasp.
Green Globe Artichoke Jerusalem Artichoke
Apollo F1 Asparagus U.C. 72 Asparagus
Albion Strawberry Camarosa Strawberry
Chandler Strawberry Quinault Strawberry
Tristar Strawberry Seascape Strawberry


Black Monukka Blueberry
Flame Seedless Ruby Seedless
Thompson Seedless Perlette

(I also added some wine and concord grapes to Dave Wilson. Check if available)


Okame Flowering Cherry Assorted Rose of Sharon
Common Lilac Cooke’s Purple Wisteria
White Wisteria Cooke’s Purple Smoke Bush
Cooke’s Purple Vitex Tree Form Hardy Rubber Tree
Green Japanese Maple Japanese Bloodgood Maple
Western Redbud Merlot Redbud

Shade Trees:

E. H. Wilson Albizia (Silk Tree) Arizona Ash
Raywood Ash Catalpa
Drake Chinese Elm Golden Honey Locust
Silver Maple Cutleaf Fruitless Mulberry
Village Green Zelkova

(I tried to add some October Glory Maple and am hoping they come.)