Plant of the Month

I figured since this a Plant of the Year selection it would be appropriate to feature as plant of the month. Gaillardias are in the Asteraceae family (daisy like flower structure). This family is typically sun loving and deer resistant. Gaillardias are native to the central and western United States. They are commonly called Blanket Flower. They thrive in heat, like good drainage and require only moderate water. They bloom all summer, forming interesting round seed heads that look good until they start to dry. Traditionally the flowers are red in the center and edged yellow but the plant breeders have come up with solid reds, yellows and fluted varieties. We plan to have as many different varieties for you to choose from in 4 inch and gallon size.




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Newsletter July 2015

First off I want everyone to know that now that spring is over we will be closing on Wednesday. We will be here watering for part of the day if you need anything but the gates will be closed. We are also closed July 4.


All our hard work in the garden is beginning to produce-literally. Most of us are now harvesting some or all of our own vegetables. The remaining summer vegetable starts are half off if you still have room to fill or are getting a late start. I know one year I was too busy to plant until July 5th so you are not alone. It is not too late although the selection is limited. For some reason my peppers are performing dismally and the eggplant is only just now flowering but I have squash, cukes and a few tomatoes. What is it about going out into your yard and harvesting the fruits of your labor that is so rewarding? As those Visa commercials say-priceless.

The hot weather is here and I want to remind everyone that July is the month the evapo-transpiration rate is the highest. What do I mean by that? Moisture loss through evaporation in the ground and transpiration through the leaves of the plants. Fortunately there are ways you can slow that down. One is by spraying your plants with anti-transpirant. We spray the whole nursery here at least once and we highly recommend it for transplanting at this time of year. The second is to mulch your plants. We want you to get through the heat and drought with as little problems as possible so we are offering both Firmulch and anti-transpirant on special this month. Please consider applying both of these products to your yard. Your plants will appreciate it.


Some of you know I got four Call ducks for my birthday and they have become regulars at the nursery. We are keeping them out of the fish pond but they have claimed the bathtub. They really are cute. Please help me to see they come to no harm.

It is time to do a little summer pruning on your fruit trees if you want to keep them low and pickable.  The less foliage the less water they will need also. Remember to go lightly on any pruning this month as you can burn the interior growth that has been shaded. Protect those trunks from sunscald with tree wrap or watered down interior paint. Check for fresh borer holes because you can often kill them early manually with a wire in the hole or by plugging hole with vaseline and cutting off the air supply.

For those of you on water rations you’re main objective is to keep your plants alive as opposed to thrive. For all of you be very careful with sprays and fertilizer this month. If you can avoid doing either the better but if you can not then do so very early or late in the day. Hose off foliage occasionally to keep to keep spider mites at bay.  (They love dry, dusty conditions). Monitor for tomato hornworms in the early morning when you are most likely to see them and pick off and destroy. Hand pick or hand vacuum other pests like beetles. Fertilizing with a high nitrogen will promote young tender growth that can dry up in the heat or excessive growth that will require additional water to maintain.


Take advantage of the morning glories we over planted. Only $2.00 for a four inch pot. Grows as an annual vine or ground cover. Beautiful flowers all summer long. Self sows.

Have a Happy 4th of July,