Plant of the Month

Bonsai and Dwarfs


We had to get the minimum order for our little dwarf conifers and bonsai, so we have plenty. Thought it would be fun to feature them this month and offer them at 20% Off. Not sure if we have any bonsai Japanese Maples left but here are some of the names of what we received-

Elf Alberta Spruce, Seiju Chinese Elm, Slowmound Mugo Pine, Twisty Mugo Pine, Pin Cushion Cypress, Fairy Puff Cypress, Rock Garden Holly, and Strieb’s Findling Cotoneaster. The bonsai make great gifts and the miniatures will be perfect for fairy gardens. Some of the bonsai are deciduous but I believe all the dwarfs are evergreen.


April Specials

  • 1.5 c.f. Green- All Soil Booster- Buy 3, Get a 4th FREE
  • 2 c.f. Green- All Organic Potting Soil- Buy 3, 4th FREE
  • 20% OFF Bonsai and Dwarfs in 4-inch pots
  • Buy 4 trees, 5th FREE

Newsletter April 2017


I know spring is here because I no longer have time to relax at night, just too much to do like write the newsletter. We are experiencing some beautiful days if you do not count the winds and even the night temps have been on the warm side. I think it might be okay to plant some early tomatoes. The Persian Lilacs are starting to show some color, and according to myth, legend or fact, that means it is safe to plant warm season annuals and vegetables. However, I would not get too carried away yet as we do live in a notorious late frost county. Our eggplants did not like that cold north wind blowing Thursday morn. Cucumbers, melons, and basil detest cold night temps also. We do have starts but nothing like the variety we will get in as we get farther into the season. Don’t forget to amend those beds and Soil Booster is buy 3, get the 4th Free this month.



It’s that time of year again to not only sharpen your yard but also your tools. Razor’s Edge Sharpening will be at the nursery Sat., April 8 from 10-2. Bring your pruners, mower blades, knives and scissors for our annual event. The next Saturday  the Master Gardener Help Desk will be here. Lots of great info will be available from 10-2 on April 15th. (Sorry no tax help, only garden questions please.)


We have just about finished getting all our bare root trees and roses potted up, so if you are looking for them, you missed your opportunity. We ordered extra trees this year thinking there would be a demand for them. Speaking of which if you are re-landscaping after being burned out please ask for your 20% fire victim discount on plants.

I think most of our orders are in for spring. So much new stuff to see. We have fancy iron baskets from Upper Deck, cute grass baskets that will be perfect planted up for Easter and Mother’s Day, plus fairy garden mania including bonsa, little dwarf conifers, and air plants. New pots just arrived from Pacific Home and Garden in cool shapes we don’t always have and the colors are awesome. Check out the bonsai and low succulent pots. Standard terra-cotta pots will be stocked up by next week. We are doing weekly seed orders to keep the seed racks full. Did you miss out on the colorful spinners last year? They are back in stock as are those colorful tomato cages. Our little greenhouse is full of our custom baskets and pots along with supertunias, calibrochoas and other ‘perennials.’ We have divided water lily tubers and now is the time to get the best price on them bare root.


The time is now to fertilize your lawn and garden if you have not already done so this spring. This is when plants typically put out the most growth and need to be fed. Look for your April coupon and save on fertilizer. Monitor for aphids and caterpillars as they love fresh young leaves. Do not spray, even organics, when bees are active. Wrap or paint your young trees. We sell a cloth tree wrap or use watered down interior latex paint. Young trees do not have the canopy to protect their trunks from the harsh summer sun and will benefit from being ‘covered.’ Think sunscreen. Monitor and spray for coddling moth when your apples are dime, nickel and quarter size. Check your irrigation system and make repairs. If we have a few more windy or warm days with no rain, it will be time to turn it on for a couple of days a week. Plant summer blooming bulbs like dahlias, cannas, lilies and peonies. If the weather stays warm, it will be okay to plant seeds like sunflower, zinnia and morning glory or start indoors now. Think about putting down a thick layer of mulch to keep soil moisture in and weeds out.

Time for your Latin lesson: Helix- winding around as in Hedera helix, ivy. Maculatus- spotted as in Cistus maculatus, a rockrose. Decumbens- trailing but with upright tips like our native incense Cedar, Calocedrus decurens.  Barbatus -bearded like Dianthus barbatus, aka Sweet William. Now here is a strange one-caryophyllus- smelling of walnut leaves. Have you ever noticed Dianthus caryophyllus, aka carnations, smelling like walnut leaves? I have not.

If you have not been in yet this year, you have not seen the new arrangement indoors. We also have a brand new cash register after the old one froze up first thing on a busy day. Thank you to all our customers who were tallied that day using a small calculator and no receipt.